John Davenport & Associates LLC

delivering investment banking solutions since 2001

John Davenport & Associates LLC is licensed by the SEC to serve middle market companies with merger & acquisition execution, private capital raising and financial advisory services, no matter the industry or vertical market. Whether our clients are seeking the resources and expertise to divest a company division or acquire a competitively positioned organization, our team is poised to leverage a network of strategic buyers and sellers.

Additionally, we assist our clients in locating and securing growth financing from our worldwide network of Private Equity Institutions, giving our client’s access to the reported $1 Trillion in available market capital today.

Through an accelerated process, we connect viable financing sources focused on our client’s needs to enable a successful closing in record time. Because of this proven approach, we produce measurable results for a fixed fee that benefits our clients by knowing just how much to budget in terms of time and treasure.

It is possible to fly without motors… but not without knowledge and skill. -Wilbur Wright

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