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Unlike traditional investment bankers that view their clients only in terms of a transaction, John Davenport & Associates takes a long view to our client relationships in order to best serve their long term success in executing thoughtful and well financed growth strategies.  We welcome an opportunity to explore the possibilities with you.

Please give us an overview of your current business situation particularly if you are considering a transition and we will call to schedule a convenient meeting to discuss how we may serve you. ¬†Transitioning a business is a very complex matter, one that requires significant forethought and planning.  

We assist clients in the sale of a business or division but always recommend they read one of the most thought provoking and insightful books on the subject today before beginning the journey.  We would be pleased to bring you a signed copy of Deciding To Sell Your Business The Key To Wealth And Freedom by nationally recognized transaction attorney, Ned Minor, if you would afford us an opportunity to meet and discuss your needs.

Ned Minor's Deciding to Sell Your Business

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